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Unleash the full potential
of digital advertising

QuestPass ads guarantee 100% attention
and understanding of the advertising message.

What does the QuestPass ad format look like?

One advertisement

focusing attention

One question

about the content of the ad

Access to the content

for the correct answer

Benefits for all

Questvertising is a new approach to advertising that gives benefits all parties in the online ecosystem.

The advertiser

is assured that its advertisement has been seen and its content consciously assimilated


makes money on interesting content that audiences want to read

The viewer

receives free access to valuable content


Each solved questpass generates funds for pro-social causes

How does questvertising work?


Learn more by watching a short video.

100% visibility

full visibility of ads

100% attention

full attention of recipients

100% comprehension

full understanding of the advertisement

Confirmed credibility

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For the Advertiser

Take advantage of the effectiveness of questvertising in your campaigns and pay only for the real results.
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For the Publisher

Do you run a website or a big blog? Join QuestPass and start earning money by creating interesting content.
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