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Increase monetization
of digital content

while keeping it open to the general public

5x bigger revenue
than from standard ad formats
12x lower page bounce rate
than with hard paywalls
synergy with paid subscriptions
in freemium paywall models

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What is QuestPass?

Find out by watching this short video explainer.

How does QuestPass work?

QuestPass is a non-monetary “paywall” – a new form of digital media monetization that is something between a paywall and advertising, combining the advantages of both models.

For Publishers QuestPass multiplies ad revenue x5, while keeping content open to the general public. Advertisers can now use ads with a 100% ATTENTION guarantee, which generates a very strong impact on brand metrics that is clearly visible in brand-lift surveys.

Confirmed credibility

QuestPass is a member / alumni / signatory:

QuestPass is a multi-task, advanced system for content monetization

A wide range of monetization strategies
determining exposure, interactions, patterns, etc.

Innovative, engaging advertising formats
guaranteeing 100% attention and a very high CTR.

Collects >98% of GDPR consents
also from users who previously rejected all consents on the TCF board.

Creates synergy with hard paywalls
in generating conversions to paid subscriptions.

Can verify user preferences
with a build-in survey-wall research tool.

Advanced user behavior analytics
as an additional source of traffic insights.

We are recommended by

Michał Helman

Chief Commercial Officer, Burda Media Polska

Questvertising is a very interesting extension of Burda Media’s advertising offer. As the importance of parameters such as “attention” and Zero Party Data targeting increases, we are taking advantage of the new opportunities that QuestPass has opened up to us.

Marek Szabrański

Owner, Legia.Net

QuestPass is a very innovative advertising system, yet already advanced in terms of technology and UX. It works well in monetizing a sports website such as Legia.Net

Andrei Ursuleanu

Head of Operations, Gândul Media Network

As one of the main publishers in Romania, we are interested in questvertising and its unique features, which seem to be a rational compromise between an advertising-based model and a hard paywall.

Michał Banach

Editor in Chief, SmartAge

QuestPass is a unique solution that benefits all – advertisers, publishers and readers. It provides regular revenue for publishers, but without transferring the financial burden to the recipients of their content.

Kamil Jastrzębski

CEO, Spotted Group

As a local news publisher, we have loyal, returning readers, who generates a very good conversion rate with the QuestPass monetization system. Our readers easily accepted the questveritising mechanism, which is our constant source of income.

Simple integration

Eeasy integration with websites

possible on three levels.

SEO-neutral scripts

that do not implicate loss in page position.

Online panels with live data

providing an additional source of insights.

Enables the use of Zero Party Data

for ad targeting (instead of the fading 3rd party)
Are you in charge of content monetization? Use QuestPass to generate high revenue without closing your content!
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